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You’ve probably heard about the celebrity entrepreneur who is on their 5th vacation this year [insert major side-eye]. But have you heard about the content strategist with rustbelt roots? Or how about the brand strategist who grew up feeding bottle calves?

In the first episode of Scope Creep, you’ll meet your hosts, Jamie Cox and Liz Talago, two successful solopreneurs who don’t fit the girlboss mold. To kick things off, they’re answering a big question, “why are we like this?” And by “this” they mean solopreuers who, no matter how hard they tried, couldn’t be happy in corporate America. They’re taking a look back at the childhood and work experiences that shape their views on work today and along the way, they’re sharing:

They wrap up the conversation with a roundup of the “shit you can’t skip” in your journey to solopreneurship. In this segment, they provide some actionable tips and strategies you can implement today to get you closer to building a business that supports who you (really) are and who you want to be. No manifestation or vision boards required.

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