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Introducing Scope Creep!

If the Great Resignation, the #metoo movement, and the widening wealth gap have taught us anything, it’s that the world of work is rigged. And if you’re a person who wants to build wealth without sacrificing your health and wellbeing, it’s not in your favor. That’s why fellow solopreneurs Jamie Cox and Liz Talago said to hell with the corporate hellscape and built businesses on their own terms. Along the way, they got tired of listening to predatory girlbosses and coaches shilling bad business advice and decided it was time to speak up. If you want honest answers to questions like “how do you make 6-figures working part-time?” or “is freelancing really more stable than full-time?” then join us for Scope Creep, an unfiltered conversation for regular humans who are ready to clock out of the 9-5 grift for good.

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