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Jamie R. Cox is a brand strategist in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Feeling Lost in Your Business?

Gain clarity and confidence by building a brand strategy.

MEET JAMIE She's re-energizing small business owners through a   little fun and lots of   brand clarity.

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Who we are

Jamie is a brand strategist, designer, and serial hobbyist living in Nashville, Tennessee. From managing creative people and facilitating creative collaboration to building value-first brands and developing strategic marketing plans, Jamie's experience spans ten years and multiple industries.

Jamie is the founder of Strange Salt, a collective that brings creative folks together to build great brands. She's also the host of Scope Creep, a podcast for solopreneurs who want to build values-first brands.

Before building her own business, Jamie worked for Visit Franklin (Tennessee), several marketing agencies, and more. She and her husband live in Nashville with their two rescue pups, Georgia and Snoop. Jamie's a firm believer in building a life outside of work. When she's not working, you can find her cycling (she's a former spin coach), restoring her 1932 Chandler & Price Craftsman printing press, and eating her way through Music City.

What we do

Jamie re-energizes business owners’ love for their work experience by bringing humor and humility to brand strategy.

She works 1:1 with solopreneurs and founders to understand their audience, size up the competition, and determine their brand's position. Through her strategy-backed process, Jamie creates brands that help founders free up more time and have more fun building their business.

Our values

Jamie brings clarity to business owners by cultivating a comfortable space for candid conversations. She makes brand strategy accessible—removing the stale, stuffy, out-of-the-box practices that don't serve business owners.

She works with business owners to discover their brand's personality and showcase it so they can have more fun building the business that excite them.

Why us

Building a business is hard work, but it shouldn’t be a drag. Whether you started your business so you could be your own boss or because you had an idea that kept you up at night, you should have the flexibility to have FUN in your business. You should be able to show up as yourself in your business each day. Jamie makes building a brand more fun so you can reinvigorate your enthusiasm for what you do and remember why you do it.


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Meet Jamie R. Cox

She believes founders should have more fun, so she makes the brand strategy process simple and exciting.

Check Out These Fun Projects

Here's what happens when you loosen up and have a little fun.
A personal concierge gets her own free time back by outsourcing her marketing.
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A luxury brand elevates Nashville's short-term rental market.
An uplifting rebrand for Alex Craig, an intuitive life coach and yoga instructor.

"I have almost tripled my sales since working with Jamie, but more importantly, I have direction, context, and the ability to create a living breathing community, an ecosystem, of people who identify with my message and vision that is growing by the day."

Alex Craig | Owner/Coach at Alex Craig Coaching

"Jamie has the incredible ability to think both strategically and creatively to develop the integrated approach brands simply must have if they want to actually connect in our content-saturated world.”

Josh Collins | Visit Franklin

“We were starting a new business and had a few ideas about what we wanted for branding but weren’t sure how to pull it all together. Jamie listened to our initial thoughts and took it from there.”

Kathryn York | Smith & York Co.

"If I ever had questions or wanted to talk things through, Jamie was available to provide the information or support that I needed...I really can't imagine working with anyone else!"

Collette Revere | Founder at Open360™ and 8Kind Co.

"Working with Jamie, over these past many months, has really enabled me to elevate every level of what I do. It’s been a game changer and I can’t recommend her more highly."

Amber Mogg Cathey| Founder at Nashville Vocal Studio
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Have fun with Jamie

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Brand Identity

Design a brand identity system to align with your brand goals.


Host a talk to encourage creative founders to have more fun.


Host a team branding workshop to get on the same page.

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