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3 Reasons to Create an Email Welcome Sequence

You’ve received a new email subscriber! Woohoo!…But now what? Here are three reasons to greet your customers with an automated welcome sequence.

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Picture it: someone signs up for your newsletter. As a small business owner, you’ve probably celebrated this new sign-up with approximately ten happy dances and three “woo-hoos!”. Seriously—this is a big deal! Someone gave you permission to communicate with them directly. They gave you permission to pop into their inbox which is probably already swelling with unread messages from their mom, their dentist, and other brands they love.

Here’s your chance to shine…but your next newsletter just went out yesterday and the next one isn’t scheduled to go out until a month from now. Sorry to break it to you—but they’re ready to hear from you right now. By waiting a month, you may have already lost them.

How do you remedy this? With automation, of course! Here are three reasons to greet your customers with an automated welcome sequence.

1. You Already Have Their Attention

Consider your email list to be a captive audience—and don’t wait to connect with them! As soon as they sign up to receive your emails, they should receive an automated welcome email. This will let them know that you’re happy and grateful that they’ve joined your list. You can use this opportunity to set the stage for your brand. Write a nice thank you message with your values and tone in mind so you can start educating your audience on why your brand exists.

Let that new subscriber know what to expect from you. Will they get offers and discounts? Maybe new resources as you release them? By setting the expectation here, they can be prepared and on the look-out for new communication from you and your team.

2. You Can Create an Instant Connection

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter and anxiously await the news and offers they’ll send you? Then low and behold, after months of radio silence, they pop into your inbox and you think to yourself, “who is this?”. Chances are, you’ve already found another way to get what they’re offering (whether that’s through another brand or a third-party seller). Don’t be this brand!

With an automated welcome sequence, you can make an immediate connection with your audience at the right time—when they’re looking for you and curious about what you do.

You can also use this opportunity to open the lines of communication for your brand. Drop your social handles in a welcome sequence and include an email address where they can reach you with questions.

3. They’re Looking for Your Product

Here’s some not-so groundbreaking news—the people who signed up to receive your newsletter want to hear from you. In fact, they’re expecting to hear from you. So answer their call.

Got a great e-commerce brand? Thank them for signing up (and entice them to buy) with a 10% off or free shipping coupon. Offering a service to your audience? Send them a free download to a resource they’ll love.

Entice them to sign up for your newsletter by promoting those offers. By growing your email list, you’ll build a loyal customer base to who you have immediate access.

…And Remember

No matter how you decide to tell your story—remember this: An automated welcome sequence is your chance to make a great first impression! Whether that’s with a quick thank you or a huge discount, you can seize this opportunity to make a long-lasting connection with your consumers.

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