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Make Your Life Easier: 8 Tools for Creative Business Owners

Here are some of my favorite tools that help me be a more productive, organized, and forward-thinking creative entrepreneur.

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Yes, it's another listicle about tools you should use to be a better business owner. I know, I know—I can hear you from here—"But Jamie, who has the time to test and implement new platforms and tools?" I'm going to shoot you straight—You 👏🏻 need 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 make 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 time because your business depends on it.

Here are my favorite tools for brand strategy and creative entrepreneurship.

Please note this article includes affiliate links—I’ve marked them with an ‘*’


How do you juggle 5 projects and 2 retainers, all while managing daily life and training to become a spin instructor? It's easy with ClickUp! ClickUp is my favorite project management tool (I just switched from Asana which I also loved). Whether you're flying solo and just need to keep yourself accountable or launching boatloads of websites and need to manage endless tickets, ClickUp can help!


The first thing I ask a new client—"Are you doing any email marketing?" While Flodesk isn't the top-of-the-line option and customization is a bit limited, this email marketing platform is great for what I need as a one-person show. I can manage multiple forms, complex workflows, and several audience segments at an incredible price. Use this link* to get 50% off your FloDesk Plan (that’s a whopping $19 a month for endless emails!)


I love doing color exploration. It might be because I'm 99% sure I'm a tetrachromat or just because I am 100% over the white wall trend in modern homes (sorry not sorry). Coolors is often my jumping-off point for color exploration. When I spot a color I love, I plug it into Coolors to start building basic color palettes.

Ink & Volt Goal Planner

I've got some BHAGs—Big, Hairy Ass Goals that is—in my sights. My Ink & Volt Goal planner helps me stay on track and gives me a little bit of grace when I just can't get it together. With help from this planner, I've launched a resource, secured several new clients, and haven't dropped a single ball.


You scroll through Instagram endlessly? I scroll through Dribbble. It's a great place for artists and designers to share their creations—both those that have come to fruition and those that have been rejected by clients. Be careful though, Imposter Syndrome thrives here!


I love writing, but sometimes I love it so much my eyes glaze over and I can become...ahem...long-winded. Grammarly helps me be concise, spots my typos from a mile away, and even ensures I'm writing in an active voice.

Power Thesaurus

When your content gets a little stale or you find yourself using the same phrases and analogies over and over again, turn to Power Thesaurus! This handy tool will give your language and writing skills a boost and give you synonyms, antonyms, and even popular phrases using some of your favorite words.

The Artist's Way

If you're starting a business or just want to get in touch with your creative self, check out Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. Through her teachings, I've been able to implement a better morning routine that helps me listen to my inner artist and nurture it in a way that allows me to be a better brand strategist.

Tips for Finding the Right Product

I recommend all of these products with this caveat—what works for me might not work for you. Instead of diving in headfirst on a new platform, try this:

  1. Make a list of your goals
  2. Identify what types of platforms you need to reach said goals
  3. Identify the must-haves are for each platform—these are things you must have in a platform to be successful.
  4. Make a wish list for each platform—these are things that would be great to have but they're not necessary.
  5. Shop around, compare features, and schedule demos to make sure you're informed about the product itself.

What Tools Do You Love?

Let me know what tools you love by sliding into my DMs on Instagram or sending me an email.

Hey, I'm Jamie!

I want to help you see your business differently.

I believe when we see our business holistically, we can make smart decisions in the name of growth. I believe when we bring more of ourselves to our business, we attract brand super fans. I believe founders should (and can!) have more fun.

Let's re-discover your passion and define your brand's purpose...and have some fun along the way!

Jamie R. Cox | Brand Strategist

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