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Brand Design, Social Media Consulting




Creative consulting and social media strategy for an innovative career coaching platform.

The Client

ArcVida is a career guidance platform built to guide job seekers through their best career transition. In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ArcVida was seeking a way to reach new clients with a refined brand presence. Through online events, career strategy calls, and free resources, ArcVida sought to build their clientele to build a better workforce who love what they do!

The Process

Jamie conducted a brand discovery call to better understand ArcVida's current positioning, offerings, and competitors. She then conducted a social media audit and build a social media strategy to elevate ArcVida's brand presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The strategy began with simple improvements, like optimizing images for specific platforms, and advanced with more complex solutions for building an audience, like creating free resources for lead generation.

Following strategy approval, Jamie created templates for the ArcVida team to use for a variety of content. Eventually, she joined the team at a larger capacity to craft daily social media content, write newsletters and onboarding sequences, and educate ArcVida's career coaches on the principles of social media. Additionally, she provided continue brand and marketing support—designing webpages, project managing content creation, and identifying opportunities for website and product improvements.


LinkedIn is ArcVida's primary platform, given job seekers are often spending time on the platform looking for work. From September 2021-September 2022, LinkedIn growth showed:

  • A 512% increase in page views
  • A 517.7% increase in unique visitors
  • A 535.7% increase in button clicks
  • An 879.7% increase in reactions
  • A 566.7% increase in comments
  • A 1,133.3% increase in shares

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